Calling all chefs, calling all chefs!

How many chefs out there have been dreaming of having that perfect kitchen for your commercial building? Have you been wanting to expand your kitchen to open up a ton of new space that will give you the room to be as creative and productive as you have always wanted to be?

Well you are in luck because Shared Commercial Kitchen Remodeling has been helping turn dreams into realities for chefs and building managers for almost a decade. We have renovated and remodeled commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes and for businesses of all levels. Our portfolio is made up of kitchens for hospitals, schools, and large fortune 500 companies that have all had different wants and desires.

Unfortunately for many chefs out there, the original building plan and architects usually don’t have the needs of a kitchen leader in mind when they are constructing your place of work and it is often neglected. It is hard to find a commercial kitchen that has been originally crafted to give you the space and the equipment you need to really make your craft shine. The food you create is only as good as the chef that made it and the kitchen it was made in.

But luckily for you, we are on YOUR side!


Kitchen Remodeling | Whatever shape your kitchen is in and whatever you would like have done to it, we have the contractors and the supply to make those visions come to fruition. With the experience that we have, we know what works and what doesn’t in a kitchen and always keep your top priorities at the top of ours as well. Certain chefs have different needs for their kitchens, depending on where and who they are cooking for and we have the inventory to accommodate them all.

Kitchen Repairs & Renovations | If you aren’t looking for a total transformation but would like a tune up or some maintenance work done, we got all of your bases covered. Trust us when we say we have seen some kitchens in rough shape over the years but we have yet to come across one that our team couldn’t handle. We offer our services for anything from the plumbing to a refrigeration replacement. You don’t have to have a kitchen that is completely run down to use our services, we tackle kitchens and appliances of any shape or condition.

If you are unsure of whether or not you need something replaced or just tuned up, give us a call to have a staff member of ours come out and give you a free consultation on whatever you need! This part doesn’t cost you a dime and then after we perform our evaluation we can see if you want to go further with what we can do for you!