Calling all chefs, calling all chefs!

Shared Commercial Kitchen is here for all of your commercial remodeling needs, having some of the most experienced and professional remodeling contractors around. Our team was built from the ground up with people who have been working in the commercial kitchen industry for years and have grown this company into what it is today.

Since we made our way into the remodeling business, our contractors have gotten to see a plethora of different designs and styles all over the country (permitted styles, of course). By working on and remodeling such diverse kitchens, our team have gotten more hands on experience than many would ever dream of having.

Loaded Inventory!

There isn’t a kitchen out there that our crew of contractors can’t handle or that our inventory isn’t stocked up and ready for. We keep our supply loaded with the top name brands in the industry and offer them at the most competitive prices in the state.

We handle remodeling services of any size and any degree. Whatever project you are looking to have done in your kitchen, we can handle it.

In addition to our success, we are able to offer such low prices because of one simple thing; because of our love and passion for the kitchen. As we have said, pretty much every member of our team has some sort of background and experience working directly in the kitchen and only those who have done so understand the need for a kitchen to be set up and supplied with whatever you need to perform your duties.

For those without a background in the culinary arts, it might seem simple to throw in a stove and a refrigerator and think this will suffice for a talented chef to perform his craft. This simply isn’t the case and we work directly with whoever is in charge to make sure all of your wants and needs are met to optimize your kitchen so you can utilize your talent!