Repairs & Renovations

Calling all chefs, calling all chefs!

For those building owners or head chefs out there who already have a commercial kitchen up and running but it has seen better days, you have come to the right place. Any real chef will understand that the work you create is only as good as the kitchen that it comes from. Shared Commercial Kitchen proudly works directly with you to make sure that your kitchen is a representation of you!

Over the many years we have been working in this industry, we have seen commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes and in all conditions from practically unusable to only needing a tune up here and there. We are happy to bring our services to you and completely rejuvenate your kitchen and bring it back to life! In addition to the remodeling and repairing business, most of our staff has come from some sort of culinary background over the years and has the experience that you need to make sure a kitchen repair is done effectively.

Repairs of Any Size, Any Condition!

Whether you are looking to have some simple leaking plumbing work done or a complete tear down and renovation, we have the team of contractors and the necessary equipment to handle them all with ease.

If you need to tear out every piece of machinery in your kitchen and other parts of your building are knocked out or damaged on accident then don’t worry because that is no big deal for us. With our huge array of suppliers, we have access to any building material you need from from teams such as roofers | licensed & insured & Exponent Engineering.

We have built up a portfolio of projects we have taken on over the years and you wouldn’t believe the transformations that have come from our work. Like any chef out there, we know what it is like to have a kitchen neglected by those who don’t have the same passion as we do but don’t worry because we have your back 100%! We do everything we can to make sure all of your desired are met and that you are proud to be cooking in the kitchen that you work in.

We have seen some of the worst commercial kitchens in the country and have yet to come across a project that we couldn’t handle with ease and efficiency.